Louisiana Association of Blind Students (LABS)

A division of the National Association of Blind Students, we are also the student organization of the National Federation of the Blind of Louisiana, an affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind. LABS has been in existence for over ten years. There are students of all ages and in all levels of their educational pursuits who are members of our organization. LABS members meet a few times a year to network, share accomplishments, and receive advice on problems they may be facing. You can read about the board members on this site, and find out what is going on with other students in the state. We are changing what it means to be blind in the twenty first century!

You can join our division by completing the form below. We accept annual dues of $5.00. You must pay dues to participate in yearly officer and board elections.

Student seminar

Each year, the Louisiana Association of Blind Students hosts Student Seminar--a gathering for blind and visually impaired high school and college students. It is a fun, interactive weekend designed to strengthen our division and support its members through discussions and activities by you and about you. Check out the gallery below for photos from the 2014 seminar, where we Scared the Helplessness Out of Misconceptions!



officers and board


Sophie Trist, President

Ana Martinez, Vice President

Michael Ausbun, Treasury/Secretary

Justin Champagne, Board Member

Marissa Hirschmann, Board Member



Application form

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