If you are interested in volunteering for the NFB BELL Academy, please complete the form below. It should be noted that all volunteers will be interviewed and background checked.

Please provide your full name
Please provide your cell phone number and let me know if contacting you by text messages is a good form of communication.
Please provide the email address in which you will want all BELL-related correspondence sent.
Preferred Class/Activity *
While I cannot guarantee your final placement until I can see all volunteers and students for this year, I would like to know your preferred interest. You may one to three choices. Keep in mind that you should feel very comfortable in the areas you select, and I will follow up with you before placement.
Are you local to Ruston?
Please provide a brief description of your experience working with children, including those with VI/blindness.
Would you be willing to submit to a background check? *
Our BELL program runs from Sunday, June 3rd-Saturday, June 9th. Typically, we need volunteers 1 day before the start of the program and the duration of the program. Please indicate what days you can commit to volunteering, as well as times of days (e.g. I can only work 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Monday-Friday).
Do you have any medical conditions or concerns that we should be made aware of in case of an emergency? Please provide a name and phone number as an emergency contact. (This information will be held confidential and not used to determine your acceptance in our program.)
Do you have any dietary restrictions that we should be made aware of? (This information will be held confidential and not used to determine your acceptance in our program.)
T-Shirt Size *
In previous years, we have provided a program t-shirt. If we were to follow tradition, please indicate your preferred size.
If you are representing an organization, please provide the following information: Organization Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Person in charge of volunteer project, and Phone Number.
Is there anything else that we should know about you or that you would like to share?